African nations had become a very important to all other countries, including Japan. Japan Africa Car Exporters Association (JACEA) had been organized to build better relationship between African nations and Japan. The trading of automobile has become a one of most active business between two nations. However, African car importers had been facing unfair businesses to purchase used motor vehicles from Japan. There are many frauds by vice Japanese car shippers to African buyers. It has to be solved to build a strong relationship between Africa and Japan. We are managing a web site (JAPAN CAR EXPORTER) for only citified exporters in Japan and respected Africa buyers.


1. We introduce trustworthy companies to both Africa and Japan to build better relationship of both countries.

2. We build smooth transactions between Africa and Japan.

3. We survey the future view of car importation from Japan.

4. We offer solution to improvement for problems of importation of used cars.

5. We offer joint ownership of the knowledge of the automobile industry in Japan.

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