Entire Process

This guide shows the detail process and the procedure of purchase. The entire process is taken in the following order.

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You can search a car satisfying your requirement only in the site
1. Choose Make, Mode, Year and Price in the window of Search Used Cars and click Go button and you will see all the available cars you selected.
2. You can see more details if you click the photo of the car.


If you find a car which you are interested in, you can ask a question either through an e-mail or through a phone call to our Support Center in Nairobi. Click the Inquiry button on the bottom in the top page. E-mail is better for accurate and quick communication with an exporter in Japan, because the mail can be read by all the concerned staffs, in the local Call Center, Support Center and the exporter in Japan simultaneously.


If you want to negotiate a price or the other conditions with the exporter, you can do it in the same way as Inquiry. You can do through an e-mail or a phone call after clicking Inquiry button. E-mail is better for the same reason. You can also call our seles represenative in Kenya. He will give you all detailed information.


If you and the exporter agree upon with the price and the other conditions, you are required to make a deposit of 100USD to reserve the car without selling to to other buyers. This deposit is not refundable in any case. The car will be reserved for a week until you had made a balance payment. When you had not made a balance payment within a week, the deposit will not be returned to you. You have to make a full payment for some cars which are fast selling in Japan to reserve the car for you.


You send a purchse order to JACEA Kenya office by email. You can download the order from . You receive the confirmation of the order acceptance from our sales represenative by an e-mail.


The purchase contract is completed by your remittance. We mediate your payment to JACEA Kenya. You remit the amount of payment to our bank account in Nairobi, Kenya. As soon as we confirm the remittance from you, we inform Support Center in Japan about it and issue Payment Guarantee to the exporter.

Receipt of the Documents

As soon as the exporter receives Payment Guarantee from us, they begin to make concrete preparations for export including domestic transportation and shipment of the car. The documents related to the shipment are sent to you by post mail for your confirmation as well as notification by an e-mail in advance.

Receipt of the Merchandise

The car you ordered will arrive at the port of Mombasa around one or two months after completion of the purchase contract (your payment). There can be a case where the ship drops in at some ports in Japan to pick up the cars exported to East Africa, in which case it may take longer time for transportation.

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